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University Degree Received

Yesterday I graduated from the University of Iceland with a Bachelor’s degree in English and translations. It’s such a good feeling to have achieved this accomplishment.

The reason I feel extra excited sharing this news with you is that I wrote my BA thesis on Katherine Howard. In my thesis I explore Katherine Howard’s controversial legacy in popular history and public imagination. I also present a case study on the this mysterious Queen and look at her downfall through the lense of psychology and law. If you ask me, it’s about time we stop labeling historical Tudor figures and start viewing them from a more nuanced and human perspective. All these historical people were human beings capable of both good and bad, just like me and you.

My mission is to save historical women, such as Katherine Howard, from their undeserved stereotypes and evoke sympathy for them amongst readers. I do not believe we need to make Katherine into a victim of abuse to sympathize with her. I mean, who really deserves to have their heads chopped off? My mission is not to make martyrs out of all women in history who have existed, but to shed light on the human sides of them which we can all identify with and to help people realise that the simple answer to all controversies in history is that “thing’s weren’t that simple”. You won’t find me taking either Elizabeth I or Mary, Queen of Scots side in their rivalry. I am the one who will explain how complicated things were between them and that neither was either a saint or victim. I find it problematic to take sides in battles. It takes two to argue and… tango.
Historical women’s lives and afterlives is something I am very passionate about. I am sure you will become aware of that through my posts.

If you are interested in reading my BA thesis on Katherine Howard, click here.
I might share some excerpts from it in future posts to make the reading experience more entertaining and simple for you.

While you enjoy the read, I’ll be looking forward to starting my Master’s Degree in Publishing this coming Fall!

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