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Books on Witchcraft in the Tudor and Jacobean Era

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Books on Witchcraft in the Tudor and Jacobean Era

Witchcraft and witchhunts are something that has affected women in the past and even does so today. From my point of view, the witchhunts during King James I and VI’s reign were one of many types of persecutions women have had to suffer. Men have certainly been falsely accused of witchcraft but the majority of the victims were women.

I find this topic very interesting. It is above my modern understanding how the witchunts could have taken place in such a brutal way. Therefore, I enjoy reading countless books, both bios and novels, on the matter trying to understand. If you think you would enjoy learning more about the Tudor’s view towards witchcraft and the witchhunts, here below are a few books I recommend reading:

  • Tracy Borman’s Frances Gorges Historical Trilogy:
    • The King’s Witch
    • The Devil’s Slave
    • The Fallen Angel
  • The Poison Bed, by E.C. Fremantle
  • Witchcraft, by Suzannah Lipscomb
  • The Lives of Tudor Women, by Elizabeth Norton
  • Witches: James I and the English Witch Hunts, by Tracy Borman

Happy reading!

// Royal Redhead