My name is Sahara Rós.
I do think it’s ironic to be an Icelander named after the biggest desert in the world, but here I am, named after the largest cat litter spot in the world.

I am a woman in my late 20’s with a degree in English and Translations and soon a Master’s Degree in Publishing. I am a wife to my wonderful husband who supports me in my Tudor obsession no matter how weird it seems to him sometimes. I am a mother to my daughter Melódia Máney who stole my heart in June 2020 and to my dog Fönn (her name is one of many Icelandic words for “snow” and it’s almost pronounced like “fun”, but she looks like a fun snowball).

My love for reading and history goes way back. I was the strange kid who got to choose any toy to buy in Toys R Us, but decided to buy a book on world history. Not only do I love reading about history, but I love reading all kinds of book genres. You can imagine my joy when I discovered the historical fiction genre.

I am one of those whose interest in the Tudors was sparked after watching the 2008 The Other Boleyn Girl movie, starring Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Eric Bana. It’s that simple. For some reason the 16th and 17th century fascinates me in general, but the Tudor period takes the biggest place in my historical heart.

I am happy to see how many authors have used fiction to add women of history back into the historical narrative and this way contribute their efforts to feminism/equal rights. By reading about historical women, and the brutality caused by the patriarchy, the need for equality between the sexes will hopefully become apparent for readers.

I believe that in order to make the world a better place in the future, we need to explore the past and learn from it. Isn’t reading historical fiction a great way to learn more about our history?

I hope that my website may continue to spark your interest in reading, learning about history and fighting for equal rights for everyone, no matter the gender.

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